Camp Glory 2022

Tuition and Fees


Tuition is figured per week (Monday – Friday).  Tuition is determined based on a family’s membership.    Members are families who meet one of the following criteria (documentation must be provided).

  • New Town Resident

  • Member of St. Charles Christian Church

  • Current family of Waverly Forest Academy (must have one child enrolled and attending WFA during weeks of Camp Glory)


Families who do not meet any of the above criteria will be charged the standard tuition rates.

Tuition is not prorated for any reason, including days which camp is closed.


We offer 3 programs options for children going into first-sixth grades. Families may only choose 1 program for all weeks they reserve for attendance.  The days designated under each program cannot be changed.


  • 5 Day               Monday-Friday

  • 3 Day               Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 2 Day               Tuesday, Thursday



***Camp Glory is CLOSED May 30th for Memorial Day and July 4th for Independence Day. Tuition is not prorated.


7:30 am - 5:30 pm


Early Bird

  • Families can enjoy a 10% tuition discount!

  • Commit to a minimum of 8 weeks

  • Choose the 5 day a week program

  • Pay for the entire summer via check or money order no later than March 18th.


Full Summer Prepayment

  • Families can enjoy a 5% tuition discount!

  • Commit to a minimum of 6 weeks

  • Pay for the entire summer via check or money order no later than April 18th: Families who pay after April 18th, may still pay in full via check or money order, but will NOT receive the 5% discount.


Enrollment Fee                                                                                                            

This fee is $175 per child and covers enrollment expenses, all activities and special camp events (with few exceptions), and your child’s “Camp Pack”.  The camp pack contains items your child will need for camp including 2 camp T-shirts.  This fee must be paid upon enrollment and is NON REFUNDABLE for any reason.


Payment Methods

  1. Full Summer Prepayment: Must be paid by April 2nd via check or money order.

  2. Weekly: Automatic payments via Tuition Express


Camp Glory does not accept ANY cash payments!


How to Enroll!

  1. Click the "Enroll Your Camper Here button" and complete the form. Additional enrollment forms will be emailed. 

Call or Text

636-699-6143 if questions

Enrollment Closed

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