Who We Are

We have designed an environment that is warm and nurturing, much like home and combined it with the latest in early childhood curriculum! Waverly Forest Academy is a center designed to provide each child the best of both worlds related to early childhood education.  Simply put, Waverly Forest Academy is a center for all children to feel safe and loved which in return creates learning experiences that will last a lifetime.   One visit and you will know all about our family friendly environment!!

"Waverly Forest Academy is a warm and loving learning environment.  The staff knows our family by name and my children love attending.  The center is focused on every child, every day.  The children learn through a variety of learning styles and are assessed at their individual level.  The communication and opportunities for families to be involved are endless. It is a great feeling to not worry about the care my children are receiving when I can't be there.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about WFA!"

Stacey:  Parent of a two year old and four year old


Education Philisophy

The WFA Community is comprised of the children who attend our center, their families, and those who teach and work at the center.  Each group is equally respected and equally responsible to our community.  We believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  That same village is also needed to support parents, families and educators.

A Day in the Life


Every child at Waverly Forest Academy can expect a day filled with new learning experiences within an environment that supports each child’s need to be safe and secure.  Such a learning environment is created by a consistent routine, challenging curriculum and team members that are there to support and assess each child’s overall academic growth.   WFA has implemented Gold Online Curriculum Assessment through Creative Curriculum.  This program has enabled our teachers to complete assessments more efficiently which in return provides more time to be interacting and communicating with children in their classroom.

Our Teachers


Your child will have excellent early childhood professionals in their class.  Though they are responsible for the class they are not the only source of support in a child’s growth.  The child’s environment and their peers are very influential in their development as well.   The role of the educator is to act as a facilitator of learning.  They plan activities (curriculum) which enable the child to grow in each area of their development and assist them during this process.  They plan the environment to provide the children with many choices of materials and activities.  Further, the educator acts as a mediator between the child and their peers.

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