Mission Statement

Waverly Forest Academy is committed to providing the highest quality of care and education for young children....

Family Involvement

Family support is integral to our community and to each child’s learning. Families are welcome to come to the center any time they would like....

AssEssing Growth

WFA assess the progress of each child in our program.  The first step is to determine the current ability of the child in each area of development...


The WFA Community is comprised of the children who attend our center, their families, and those who teach and work at the center...

The Waverly Difference

Waverly Forest Academy understands how crucial learning is during these early years of life.  Therefore incorporating lower ratios for classrooms under the age of two is truly a decision that supports what is in the best interest of young children.   We also select to offer full and part time programs for all age groups.   We want to support all families for their childcare needs.  Waverly Forest Academy provides many services to our families during the normal school day so they can simply pick up and return home to share quality time as a family. 

Such services/programs include:

- Complimentary morning coffee

- On-site laundry so you will never have to worry about blankets or extra clothes

- Hair Cuts:  Scheduled on-site haircuts provided by J. Hair Gallery.  One of our most popular services!  Fees apply

- Family Nights:  Family events scheduled to offer the opportunity for families to build relationships with their school and home family


-Field Trips: Annually WFA takes an all school field trip to the pumpkin patch. Additionally the preschool classes adventure out on field trips during the summer as an extension of the summer curriculum.


-Kaymbu: Kaymbu is an application that WFA uses in the classroom as a communication tool for our parents. It keeps track of your child's daily activities, photos, and documentation. It allows for teachers to send notes and reminders directly to a parent's phone or email, and to see the photos of their child's day in real time when you are missing them the most!

- Yoga:  WFA is fortunate to have 3 team members certified in children’s Yoga

- Spanish:  This language is incorporated into our curriculum to support a child’s capability to learn and understand another language

- Sign Language:  WFA feels very strongly about using sign language beginning at 9 months of age through age 5,  as a first communication skill to using it as yet another language skill for our older children.

-Optional extracurricular activities such as Gymnastics on Wheels, Pre-Ballet, and Soccer Shots to enhance your child's preschool experience. Fees Apply 

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